Happy Birthday Nash! Apple Pupcakes with Peanut Butter Frosting

Yes, we are “those” people. The ones who not only acknowledge but actually CELEBRATE their dog’s birthday.

Yesterday Nash turned 3 and we spoiled him like we usually do.

Gifts, treats, an extra long walk, all of his favorite things. You may find it silly but Nash really is our best friend, and you celebrate your friends on their birthday!

The last 2 birthdays I made Nash a dog-friendly birthday cake but this year I decided to try a new recipe from one of my favorite bloggers. I turned to Leslie over at Stress Baking and grabbed her recipe for apple pupcakes (here).

I did make a few changes to the recipe. Instead of chopping the apples, I grated them and instead of just peanut butter for frosting, I added Greek yogurt to it, which is how I frosted his previous birthday cakes. Also, this was Nash’s first time trying bacon and I think he is now addicted (thanks, Leslie).

These pupcakes never had a chance …

Needless to say, Nash LOVED his birthday pupcakes. I don’t blame him. Apple, peanut butter, bacon … I mean who wouldn’t love that?

Nash is the sweetest pup around. He greets us at the door with a toy in his mouth every time that we come home. When he gets excited, he wags his tail so hard that his whole body sways back and forth. He may hog our bed and snore even louder than Chad but he also licks away tears and gives plenty of hugs.

Look at that face. He was SO ready for the photos to be done so he could dig in!

If you have never made your dog a birthday treat, or even just homemade treats in general, I strongly suggest you head over to Stress Baking and give these a try for your little fur buddy.

Happy birthday Nash. Thank you for being the best friend that Chad and I could have ever asked for. We love you!

And thank YOU, for sharing in our birthday celebration by reading this post.

Y’all come back!



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