Biscuits, Brisket and a little booze – Trisha Yearwood’s new line at Williams Sonoma

Trying some of Trisha Yearwood’s new line at Williams Sonoma.

Ok, first of all if you read the title and immediately thought of “bears, beets, battlestar galactica”, then we just became best friends. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, that’s alright keep reading but when you’re finished with this post you need to go binge watch The Office. Trust me.

So this summer Trisha Yearwood released her own line at Williams Sonoma. This brought so much joy to my heart because 1) I’m a 90’s baby who grew up on country music, like Trisha and 2) Williams Sonoma is one of my favorite places to spend an entire afternoon (and too much money). I absolutely adore Trisha, her music and her cooking show which if you haven’t already watched, I recommend that too (but after The Office).

Also, neither Trisha or Williams Sonoma have paid me to write this or sponsored this post in any way – I can assure you neither of them know who I am (not that I know of anyways … but Trisha and I both currently reside in Oklahoma so maybe one day we will meet and be best friends and cook delicious food together … a girl can dream, right?).

Look, even Nash is excited about it!

Now I haven’t tried everything from this collection yet but I wanted to share a little about the ones that I have.

First off we have her cocktail mix “Summer in a Cup”. I mean, that’s pretty self explanatory, right? We first cracked into this mix for some Fourth of July cocktails and it was DELICIOUS! Along with her premixed concoction we used Malibu rum and a little bit of 7UP. Honestly, it didn’t really need the 7UP for flavor but the fizz of the bubbles was prefect. I would definitely suggest pairing this mix with vodka or a white rum – maybe a tequila? Summer in a cup is sweet with a rich pineapple flavor and a little bit of citrus. There’s also a little bit of a cherry flavor hanging out. So just like the name suggests, it’s full of fresh summer flavors and makes a great porch-sipping cocktail.

Next up is her boxed biscuit mix. Now I’m going to be 100% honest here… I am not generally a fan of any  box mix or tube biscuits. Sure they’re quick, but the texture is completely different than a real, homemade biscuit. There’s just something about really cutting in that butter to get those nice flakey layers.

That being said, these weren’t too bad. I was still definitely missing those really flakey layers BUT they weren’t bland, they were easy and fast to make and the box makes a good amount. We only made half of the box the first time around and it made plenty. For the second half i’m going to mix in some chives & cheddar cheese. I’ll let you know how that goes.

So yes, I would definitely recommend these if you like to have a quick biscuit solution on hand.

And last but not least we have her applewood molasses rub. I don’t have a photo to share with y’all of our finished product but we first tried this rub on a brisket that we smoked and man oh man! That was tasty. The rub is a little smoky, a little sweet and has just a tiny bit of spice (an amount I can handle – which typically isn’t very much at all). The rub comes in this great little tin that you can save your leftover rub in – if you don’t use it all the first time. It’s incredibly delicious. I sometimes worry about using premade spice mixes because I find they can sometimes get a little too salty but this one wasn’t like that at all. We have since just tried it on the brisket but I think it would also be great on chicken, ribs or even pulled pork. I love the smoky flavor so much I would probably eat it on anything!

So there you have it folks. My experience so far with Trisha Yearwood’s new line.

I can guarantee you I will be trying the other products she has including an “unfried chicken mix” and a bbq sauce.

Now I’m going to go mix myself a little bit of summer in a cup and pretend its not over 100 degrees outside.

Y’all come back now!


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